All About Me…

I'm thoughtful and my last name is "Wish," thus the history of Thoughtfulwish began.

Meredith Wish, creator of "thoughtfulwish," is a full-time graphic designer and fashion blogger in Boston. After graduating Simmons college with a B.A. in Communications, concentrating on design & journalism, she set out on a mission to be creative daily. Since then, her designs and writings have been published all across the internet.  

When Meredith is not behind her double monitors, she enjoys baseball games at Fenway, photography, watching Disney, and making dirty jokes. 

How Meredith got into Fashion Blogging:
"I said screw it... I can do this too. And I did." Meredith has always been involved in the fashion industry; working in retail, being a stylist, print design for retail marketing, and social media for a major fashion brand. Meredith has always been recognized for her sense of style since high school, and within a year she has taken her passion and turned it into a fun hobby on the weekends. 

Meredith is 5'3" and considered a petite blogger.