Scalloped and Patterned

In London, it's imperative you look both ways. In life.... same advice. I haven't posted in a while because I'm going through so many changes right now. My computer is on the fritz and I'm moving (twice in 2 months!). Time to be honest: I'm moving out of the apartment that T and I use to live in together. The man that I use to be married to. The man that also did all my photography for this blog (now you know why I'm so thankful for friends in my last few posts). This breakup wasn't an easy one, but I've learned so much from it: so much about myself and the power of forgiveness.

The breakup itself isn't what hurt, it's everything that came after, how we're treating one another after this mutual decision. I put off writing this post for a while, and I hope you all can understand why. It's also why I randomly fled to another country with friends lol (I decided to go to London in just 3 weeks time). I needed an escape, but also just time to sit and reflect. I'm in a better place mentally, which is why I'm choosing to write to all of you. Also, I find writing therapeutic. I'm packing away boxes right now that include memories. I'm selling items of clothing that I wore on dates, that would feel wrong to wear again.  I went through some really angry and depressed days, but at the end of the day you have to ask why? Not why for the breakup, but why you're angry and hurt, and know that these feelings are ok to have. I'm thankful for all the good memories I have, and I wouldn't trade them for the wold, which is why I've forgiven T, and in return I think he forgave me. I wasn't always the best partner, and neither was he, but I can't ignore the past (or present events) and I have to remember there was a reason for friendship to begin with, and that's where the power of forgiveness happens. Once I was able to let go and realize he's not the person who I want to be with, it was so much easier to forgive and move on. I'm currently dating and happy. I can focus on my work easier now and building stronger relationships.

Besides fleeing the country and purging stuff I don't need anymore, retail therapy has been helpful! I hope you all followed my Instagram story last night, the Prudential Center in Boston has brand new shops and I got to eat at Terra, Eataly's new restaurant, plus hang with other Boston bloggers (shout out to my girl Style Wire!) who I adore and understand the power of shopping.

These shorts were a perfect addition to pack, I hate wrinkled clothes, and the material of these were wrinkle resistant and patterns hide everything! Also meet Tiggy, the dog I'm thinking about flying back to steal. Tiggy decided to hop in on the shoot and I didn't stop him! People in London love dogs, so naturally I belong there.

Get the look:

I Spy with My London Eye

First, I want to thank everyone who checked in on me last night, it honestly means so much. I had friends, followers, co-workers, people who I haven't spoken to in years all message me: it meant the world to me. Crazy, how in a time of darkness, you see people who still care, and it truly does make everything seem a little bit better.

I was at the Mondrian hotel's rooftop bar, the Rumpus Room, which is almost the same view as the London Eye and we could clearly see all the police sirens and ambulances heading towards the London Bridge. And the two other attacks that happened were on the other side of the hotel and behind the hotel. Very scary to feel surrounded, but also so thankful I was with friends in a safe area. The next day the city was very quiet, but still active. Being in Boston during the Marathon Bombings, it was a very different feel the day after the attack than here. The people here are quite stolid, which as a tourist, felt reassuring. 

Anyways, thanks for reading my serious bit. I got some London tips for you:

  • If you're using your cell phone here, take screen shots of your Google maps while you're in a place with wifi. My friend and I planned our activities and then went out and about and couldn't look up how to get anywhere because 0 data without wifi. TAKE SCREENSHOTS!
  • London Eye: gorgeous view, try to do it at night! Or just go to the Mondrian Hotel, almost the same view, but cocktails and food!
  • Tower of London.....snooze fest. This is where they keep the crown jewels, which don't get me wrong beautiful, but I was more interested in the torture chambers and learning about the execution of Anne Boleyn and the other famous residents like, Mary Queen of Scots. Morbid much? But honestly, the torture "chamber" was one room and a sign explaining things. Anne Boleyn had a monument (not at site of execution)... and that's about it. Cool room showing all the different types of armory, but other than that, you can skip it and not miss a thing. 
  • Like Girlboss/ Nasty Gal (the shop or show on Netflix)? Then hit up Notting Hill! See where the posh live, but where the hipsters thrive! See some of the best thrift stores, antique shops, and handmade clothing. This is where you're going to see the best finds. 
  • Oh and if you're going to see a show at Shakespeare's Globe, make sure you read detailed reviews. The traditional plays are not always what you get. We saw a very avant garde version of Romeo and Juliet, and we were NOT expecting that! To be honest I hated it. If you want to know more, ask me questions in the comments!

Once again I'm rocking Ted Baker in London, because there's nothing else I'd rather be wearing here! Ted Baker always makes me feel like a modern day Alice in Wonderland. This dress in particular is one of my favorites, as a graphic designer at heart, anything with typography I'm obsessed with! When you mix bold lines like type and floral prints, you get a really exotic chic look. Thank you Ted Baker for helping sponsor this post! 

Get the look:

Covet in Covent Garden

Holy crap guys, I'm in London! I'm wearing Ted Baker in London! I'M IN LONDON! .... okay... that's out of my system. Wait one more: I'm in the home of Rupert Giles and William the Bloody! Ok now I'm done!

This is Covent Garden, a really cute open shopping district (pretty much London in a nutshell). It honestly reminded me a lot of Faneuil Hall in Boston, but Boston doesn't have a Laduree. Get on that Boston! Laduree is home of the French Macaron, the hardest cookie to bake.... I should know. (Fun fact: I had a very short-lived blog about Macarons) Hope you've been following my adventures on Snapchat! But in case you haven't, here's the things I've done so far (that are not the obvious tourist spots): Alice's Adventures Underground interactive Theater, Mad Hatter's themed afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel, viewed a bookshop that specializes in collections of Alice in Wonderland vintage prints located here, and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea at One Aldwych hotel. If you can't tell, my friends and I love children's books.

Ah yes, fashion...I've always been obsessed with Ted Baker, but wearing it in London, now that's special. I actually wore this outfit traveling on the plane. I believe one should still travel in style, and this little jacket is perfect (thick material too). The scallop details, trim, and metal zipper are beautiful qualities to this piece, the perfect wardrobe addition!

Back Bay Betty

Cheerio, reporting from London! Actually I took these on Newbury Street, but I'm actually in London, hence the delay on everything! I decided on a last minute trip with friends because, why the fuck not? When else would I get this opportunity to just drop everything (what little I have) and just go? I was feeling really down about life to be honest, and my two close friends decided to pick me up.... literally, and drag me across the Atlantic. Obviously, they had to twist my arm. So, expect many London posts! (also, I'm already a hot mess here, got sick before my flight, lost my sunglasses, forgot toothpaste and a converter, and can't my timing is all screwy) 

Besides London, I love the Back Bay area of Boston - which has a strong European flavor anyways. Architecture, small boutiques, cute restaurants, although Boston > London for seafood. In fact, one of the places I'm hanging out here in this post is Saltie Girl. It's my new favorite bar, mermaid theme, and perfect for oysters. P.s. I'm not a fan of oysters but I LOVE this bar, so if that gives you any clue how good it is, now you know. P.s.s. If you follow me on snapchat, that's Bear, the one of many dogs I get to meet while shooting my blog (I'm a dog whore... I know, and I accept this).

Get my look below.

South End Trends

I'm still on the ruffle trend, especially with this dress. It reminds me of the dress Blair Waldorf wore to a white party on Gossip Girl. Where else to wear a trendy little piece than the South End? I kill to live here btw. Also.... did you notice... I GOT BANGS! Go see Stephanie Schlatz at Roffi Salon on Newbury Street, she's my go-to girl!

There's nothing more refreshing than when spring cleaning, to clean up the ends of your hair, and just chop a bunch off. I love changing my look with the seasons.

P.s. that dog.... totally stopped the owner mid walk... I have a problem.

jacket: old but similar at Nordstrom // dress: Nordstrom // Sunglasses: Nordstrom // Shoes: Shopbop (sam edelman)


Not sure how I feel about the whole ruffle trend. There's no doubt in my mind, that this is a trend, like bell-bottom jeans in the 90s. But I liked bell-bottom jeans... I still do! I do love how ruffles make everything else look smaller underneath by comparison, I feel tiny. With this top however, initially I thought I looked ultra thin, now seeing photos, I think this top would look better being more fitted instead of its box cut. Funny how pictures show yourself in a different light. When most women think they look awful in the mirror, I think I look amazing, and then I see photos.... (we're our own worst critics)

Anyways, I've been on this retro kick lately, and I'm styling bandanas with all my outfits. I thought this was a fun messy look: flirty ruffles, a messy bun, all tied together with some Louboutins and a red bandana to match, it's a nice day to evening look. Also, I'm OBSESSED with these oversized Quay (Pronounced KEE apparently - felt kinda stupid at the register) Sunglasses. Get the look below!

Get the look below! The top and shorts are both J.crew and everything else I got at Nordstrom. Also, check out some of the other ruffled styles I found for you guys!

Whale Hello There

If J.crew has an item that helps saves animals, I'm first in line. This year it's all about whales! Whales are disappearing, and to show their support, 50 percent of the proceeds of J.Crew's Garments for Good (also hand sketched by Somsack) will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society to help protect these and other threatened species. Learn more about whales.

Fun story, last year I got the "Save More Elephants" sweater and wore it on a date..... and my date proceeded to tell me how he would love to hunt elephants. And that friends, is how you don't get a second date.

P.s. can you guys see my nose ring?! I debuted it on Snapchat (@thoughtfulwish) but this is my first post letting it show! I got my septum done because it was something fun and different, and I had wanted for several years. I put if off for a long time because I was with someone that wasn't attracted to it. (#LoseARingGainARing) I don't think a septum piercing was a make or break deal for him; however, it always really bothered me that because he wasn't into it, I withheld from doing it. Whether he liked it or not, or would have grown to like it, it was something I really wanted, and I let someone else deter me.  I think that's a problem with women in particular, the pressure of keeping a certain appearance to accommodate the opposite sex (I know old news). Growing up and telling my mother my desires of tattoos and piercings she was against the notion, but one of her MANY excuses of why was: "what if you date someone and they don't like it?" Well mom, I hope my date knows what I look like before taking me out... and I also hope they dig my personality more. 

P.s. Everything I'm wearing is under $100!

Suglasses: Nordstrom // Top: J.Crew // Jacket: Old Navy // Skirt: Ann Taylor (old but similar here and here as shorts)

Beach Babe

My third outfit from Tobi! (also on SALE!)


If you went to Coachella, wanted to go, or just feeling the vibes, this dress is perfect. I wore it as a beach cover up, because I'm definitely not confident enough to wear this very short flared dress out in the real world (and I didn't go to Coachella) lol! But, if you love rocking a mini, I can see this with some tan suede boots and stacked gold jewelry. 

Of course the Boston girl is wearing all black on the beach! Haha! What can I say? From the party to the sand, I like to make a statement. I feel like Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice on the beach. 

I'm back from Miami - back to the real world. Does anyone else ever need a vacation from their vacation? I didn't get badly sunburnt (First! Thanks to this hat!) and it was the first time I actually relaxed in a long time. I completely forgot about all my stress, but the second I landed in Boston, it all came flooding back. All my doubts and fears about the blog, work, my major break up, dating, moving (which I'll be doing twice in less than two months!) hit like a tornado on touch down. I don't know how I don't have gray hair yet, then again, I dye it constantly.... so I'll never know! Hahaha! Right now I've been having friends help with the blog, which has been such a good feeling. Knowing my friends don't want to stop reading my fashion confessionals makes me feel like I'm contributing more than just cat videos to the internet. I wasn't kidding when I said I have a great group of friends, and we all just want to see one another succeed. Boston may be bitter cold, but we have some warm-hearted people. Hopefully after my second move in September I can pickup the blog again full force and flood your notifications.

Get the Tobi dress here!

Cut it Out

I didn't actually cut anything out, the jumpsuit came like this. This is a perfect vacation piece... say Miami? I'm actually writing this post on my vacation! (photos coming soon). I shot the blog in Boston, and then took it with me to Maimi. Sorry I didn't photograph it on my vacation... but also, I'm on vacation, working is out of the question (minus writing this).

I partnered with Tobi for this sexy look I'm taking down to South Beach and of course they have many other great options for a sunny vacation! I'm currently wearing a small in this post, but I wish I got an extra small. Being petite (5'3), I have a very short torso, and this piece has a very long rise. This piece wold be perfect for someone taller (sorry shorties... I'm right there with ya).

I came down for my friends' wedding and YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE PHOTOS! Her whole wedding was just life goals. Google / instagram #MikeAndTorie if you don't believe me. But Congrats you two! I went to college with the bride and was roomies for a short time with the Groom, and it's so amazing to see two people you love come together.

Neutral Spring

To be honest, I'm not a fan of Spring, especially in New England; I hate "in-between" states. Fall: crisp air, cute layers. Winter: cold, forever bundled in fair-isle. Summer: hot, cute dresses and shorts. Spring: wtf. Flowers are blooming, but I'm still freezing and wearing thick layers of black. I know there's dozens of options I can do, but I'm lazy. During Spring, I look like a sad child of Winter. So truthfully, for this look, I'm wearing a bunch of Fall items, with neutral tones to get that Spring vibe.

But I'm starting off Spring right. I just partnered with Tobi, an online retailer based out in LA. TONS of items to choose from, and a little something for everyone. I went with this oversized sweater, because it was perfect for Spring. Warm, but very lightweight. Get  the look below!


In-between states always bother me. I can never do something half-way, I either go for it or I don't do it at all. Sometimes it's an issue, I'll dive into something head first or I just tan by the pool. I can never just wade in the water. (Diver analogies... #sorrynotsorry). Right now, I feel like a very in-between state in my life, and it's driving me crazy. I want to make a move, a change, something drastic, but making a substantial change comes with uncertainty. Like you'll never know if you'll like having bangs, until you get them, but if you don't look good, it's too late and you have to live with it for a few months. P.s. I have been debating about bangs in case you don't follow me on Snapchat.

Get the sweater from Tobi here // Get the rest of the look below:

Nantucket Pinup

High-waisted shorts always remind me of a pinup vibe. If you're into the Norman Rockwell style of paintings, you need to check out Gil Elvgren, the Rockwell of pinup paintings. 

My friend from work helped me with shooting this post, and she suggested I call this post "Yacht Stuff," I took her consideration very seriously. Right now I'm so thankful for the friends I've made. They've been helping me out so much, in exchange for lunches and coffee (honestly, food is the best form of payment). I've been having so many friends filling in, photographing for the blog. Having a support system is so important.  

Downtown Prep

You can never go wrong with a long cardigan, it really dresses up a casual look. Also, there's something safe about a long cardigan - not so much a safe style choice, but fabric wrapping itself around you. Lately, I've been feeling really down, so getting dressed up and feeling good and safe is the key to my outfit choices. 

Sometimes when I feel like shit, I try not to go straight for the sweatpants, but instead dress myself up. Seeing yourself looking good, when you're at your lowest, is the first step in medicine. You may be putting on a face, but eventually you'll believe what you see: a happy, strong, and oh so stylish woman (or man if you are one). 

Lip Service

I'm sitting here watching the snow fall, longing for warmer days. I've been a mixture of lazy and crazy busy with life. I'm currently trying to figure out scheduling for the blog, new photographers, and new partnerships. I don't think people realize how much hustling is entailed in blogging. It's not just being "discovered" because of your hashtags or tags, it's a second job, and I already have 2 other jobs. People ask me why I wear sunglasses all the time, it's to hide the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. Also, I don't have to worry about messing up a good photo with squinty eyes. Sunglasses are the real life Photoshop. 

Moreover, I may not post as frequently for now.... sorry to cut down on your favorite thing to read! 

Anyways, I LOVE this sweater. I'm all about giving lip. Good luck if you steal my parking spot in Boston... you'll get a lot of lip from me. Recently, I was on a very sweet date, I drove, I'm in a cute Kate Spade dress, and some guy stole my parking spot I was lined up for (parallel parking in the city), and my date got to see my very townie side. All of a sudden I turned into Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting. Fun Boston fact about me: If I call you "Buddy." you are the furthest thing from being my "buddy."

Nautical Stripes

To be honest, I loved this dress in the fitting room, but now seeing it in photos..... not so much. Not digging how boxy it is, and the fabric is really thick, so it doesn't fold and contour to my body as smoothly as I thought. No matter, I originally got this dress for a vacation, but now I don't think I'm taking that vacation.... even though I desperately need one. Sometimes it's really good to take photos of yourself in an outfit, because then you become your best judge. However, I love pairing off the shoulder items now with a bandana around the neck. My new favorite thing!

My hair is so long though! I'm getting a cut next Tuesday, I'm so excited and nervous! Can you guess what I'm getting done? Getting a haircut is sometimes the most therapeutic thing, this Spring, my theme is "out with the old, and in with the new." I've already gone through my closet and donated over 4 bags of clothes, I'm cutting the dead off my hair, and I'm also cutting other things from my life that no longer make me happy or are needed. Bye, bye dead ends.... literally and figuratively!

p.s. my bag is from Kate Spade, and is no longer available, but I included some great nautical novelty bags below!

Dress: J.crew // Hat: Nordstrom also LOVE this one too at Nordstrom // Bandana: J.Crew


#Secondhandfirst is going to be my new motto! Sorry ThredUP, I'm stealing it. I just partnered with the company, and loving the experience! For my first time using the site, I stuck with safe options: 2 black dresses, and a black top. Out of the three items, 2 still had tags, and the other item was in great condition. 

Besides buying second hand, you can also sell through ThredUP. I just sent in a few years of designer stuff: items I'm sick of and items that don't fit anymore. ThredUP makes it really easy to sell your clothes: sign up, receive a huge bag (with a tracking code included) to your home, fill the bag, send the bag out, and let ThredUP do the rest. I just got the email that my bag was received, and I can't wait for when things start to get listed. I had a few years worth of stuff that I was too lazy to bring to a cosigment shop. The one thing I also really like about ThredUP, anything they can't sell, they donate, which was my plan anyways. 

Speaking of "second hand items," there's the cutest book sharing service at The Street in Chestnut Hill, I love it. I'm Currently reading this book called "Tampa" about an alluring young teacher sexually interested in 14 year-old-boys. It's very interesting, well written, but after each page, I'm left feeling very uncomfortable. 

Detailed Tunic

I actually shot this maybe 2-3 weeks ago, and totally forgot about it! Not saying this wasn't a memorable outfit, just completely slipped my mind. Maybe I wasn't mentally ready for warmer weather, so I forgot about this cute resort look. How are we liking the strawberry blonde hair? I'm thinking about bangs. (I have hair ADD)

I have really wide hips, so I love tunics. It gives me that boho chic look, without looking like a potato sack. When you're petite and your hips are wider than your shoulders (trust me I don't include the bad angles) tunics with the slits elongate you and give you a comfortable look. This style from J.Mclaughlin is suppose to fit I think very boxy and loose I think, but because I'm curvy it has a more fitted look.

Does anyone else buy outfits to go on vacation with, even though they don't have a vacation planned? I think I did this with this outfit....

Jump ship // Jumpsuit

I'm back! I actually had a post I could of done last week, and totally forgot about. Not going to lie, I've just been super lazy. I fully believe in mental vacations, and I needed one.

There's something old Hollywood glamour with this look, which is perfectly fitting, because I'm writing this while watching the Oscars. The Director of La La Land, Damien Chazelle, is my inspiration, 32 and won best director.... I have to get my shit together.

This jumpsuit reminds me of my wedding gown a bit too, and at Anthropologie the girls were saying how this would be a perfect look for a casual wedding. I plan on bringing this look on every tropical vacation I go on this year. I'm just more excited to take on a physical vacation, now that I'm back from my mental one.

Photos by T

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie // Blazer: Loft // Chambray top: Madewell //
shoes: Banana Republic (ON SALE) // Bandana: J.crew

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Nordstrom has and always will be my one stop shop. I can get cute gifts for everyone there, no matter the department. Also, LOVE how I can order online, and pickup in store! Forget shipping and waiting!

I made a list of my top 10 gifts for your loved one: friend, girlfriend, wife, that girl you stalk.... it's cool, in the movies it's considered romantic.

Anyways, have fun validating love with presents! 

Riverdale Darlin'

My mother was big into Archie Comics, so naturally, she got me into them. I remember going to the grocery store and as a "thank you" or "prize" at the register, she would get me the Archie Comics Double Digest or one of the Betty and Veronica issues. I was obsessed with Betty Cooper. Blonde, bubbly, not rich like Veronica, and boy crazy: I identified. Betty would do some crazy things to get Archie's attention, but Archie never viewed her as "that crazy girl," he always found her sweet, which in-turn, made Archie endearing. 

The new CW show Riverdale has just come out, and of course I'm watching. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, because the whole premise of the Archie Universe was it's naive charm and wholesome plots, and this show definitely starts off dark with drama. Nonetheless, I'm going to keep watching, and root for my girl Betty. 

Let me know if you're watching, and which girl you're rooting for. Clearly, I'm Betty all the way... just look at this outfit:

Photos by T

Top: Ji Oh // Sweater: J.McLaughlin // Denim: J.McLaughlin // Shoes: Sam Edelman (clearly obsessed with these shoes)

Comfy Chic

I saw a girl at work wearing a very similar outfit, and in my head was this conversation (yes I talk to myself....):
"Oh I like her outfit"
"Wait... I have this outfit!"

I'm constantly being inspired by my peers, pop culture, everything and anything, but I love when I see an outfit that I already own. It makes things quite easier. I love the half tuck, normally when I try them, I'm fidgeting for most of the day and re-adjusting, but in high waist jeans and an oversized sweater, it was perfect. The whole look made me feel taller. I'm 5'3" (and curvy), so I'll take anything that elongates me. Honestly, the half tuck intimidates me, but I think because the sweater had an oversized style, and the jeans were tight at the waist, it didn't make me look like a frumpy blob. 

Sweater: Asos // Jeans: Madewell // Boots: Clarks // Sunglasses: Steve Madden