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#TBT - "The One with The Vests"

Lately, due to my insomnia, I've been watching a lot of re-run Friends episodes. Rachel Green was a style icon, and after immersing myself in hours of late night marathon episodes, 90s or not, Rachel is still influencing my style decisions. After all, she didn't get hired at Ralph Lauren for nothing. One thing that Rachel loves though, is vests. Don't believe me? Check out this Buzzfeed article of just how much she loves vests, here. So in honor of Rachel, I took these photos in my apartment, and I let my husband, T., play with my camera.

Also can we just take note that I have a Rachel Haircut, a couch, and an apartment - can we get any more fan girl? 

Vest (old): H&M, similar here and here
Stripe Top: Ann Taylor - They're also having a huge sale right now! Use code FALLSALE
Jeans: American Eagle
Booties (old): Nordstrom Clarks, similar here and here
Shoes I'm Holding: Converse
Necklace: Tiffany's Key
Watch: Nordstrom Movado
Bracelet (old): Jcrew, similar here and here






And My husband making fun of me....

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