Tart in Tartan

Happy Halloween! Of course I celebrated this past weekend and went as Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, hence the argile wrist tattoo and dyed hair. I also love how the argile looks against the tartan. I feel like a preppy villain. What's funny is knowing I have all these fake tattoos on my body, and I look prim and proper. I don't have any real tattoos, so this past weekend was a treat. I love on Halloween you can be someone you're not, or someone who you secretly want to be. Suicide Squad's Harley reminds me of this ghetto fabulous princess, and growing up, I didn't come from the nicest of towns, so that costume made me feel like a 'homecoming queen.' A few pictures of my night at the bottom of this post! 

Recently, I've been really into foxes. I found this adorable fox art piece in Salem, I have this fox mask hanging in my apartment, I saw a fox at my company's parking lot (in case you don't follow me on snapcaht) and I just stumbled across this fox necklace—so naturally I got it. I think the fox may be my spirit animal: sly and chic.

Get the look here:

Bonus, here's photos from my Harley Quinn look: