Ivy League Material

Dear Harvard, I have a cute blazer and I like standing in front of ivy. What else do I need for this application? You mean there's more to it than the look?.... oh boy... time to hit the books. If Elle Woods can do it, so can I. Wait, she's not real? Crud....

Olive and navy is one of my favorite combinations, perfect for any season.  And I love mixing patterns and textures, it really kicks your outfit up a notch. I know plaid, polka-dots, and stripes, may seem like a little much (seems like a lot when I write it out too), but trust me, mixing patterns is fun! Find a nice balance, and use solid colors to break up the patterns so they're all not sitting on top of one another. Also pairing colors helps. Would love to see how you all mix patterns. 

Get the look: