The Hunt for Red November?

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'm so glad I took these pictures before I ate, because if I did it after all the friendsgivings I went to, these skinny pants wouldn't fit. P.s. I call these pants my 'Buffy pants' and every year for Thanksgiving I watch a marathon of Buffy. I mean I watch Buffy marathons on random Tuesdays, but during Thanksgiving it's extra special. Buffy use to do Thanksgiving marathons during its run, and I would make my whole family watch for hours, so that's one of my odd holiday traditions. Do you guys have any odd traditions?

One thing I'm so thankful for this year is my friends. 2016 sucked in general for me, and my friends, old and new, were there right by my side. I developed my own scoobie gang and I couldn't be more grateful. Finding friends who don't judge you, no matter how crazy you get, is the best thing in this world, so thank you friends! 

P.s. use code "HOLIDAY" at J.crew for 40% off your purchase, you know friend to a friend. My top and sweater are both from there. 

Get the look: