I Got Off the Plane

Every single night before bed I watch Friends on Nick at Night, I may be a bit obsessed! I still remember watching the season finale with my family, and crying when Rachel got off the plane. Her outfit was so simple, but iconic. She wore a black vest, black skirt, and a white tee underneath. So here is my winter twist on her popular outfit. What also makes this outfit special is it's all Ralph Lauren (minus the shoes), where Rachel worked! Polo Ralph Lauren just opened up at the Prudential Center too, I just got a tour of the new location and it's stunning, and smells great! They burn their candles throughout the day, which makes a perfect gift.

You can't do a Friends inspired post without some coffee..... I live just south of Boston, and our local coffee shop is Gunther Tooties (cough cough, Gunther) and it's pretty close to Central Perk. There's coffee and couches... so obviously, close enough. How "Friends" could this post possibly get?!

P.s. Yes, I dyed my hair, thanks for noticing.  

Get the look here