Let it Blow

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow. Of course the first snowfall here in Boston, I have a hair appointment for a blowout. Go figure. But now, my favorite salon, Drybar, is located in Downtown Crossing!! Yes, double exclamation points are required. So if you're a South Shore girl like me, it's so much easier now to get your hair fix. As much as I love the Back Bay and Harvard Sq. locations, this is a piece of cake, also Downtown Crossing is truly the hub of Boston now: flagship stores like Macy's and Primark, my favorite bars, and some great restaurants! In fact, I use to work there, and would never leave. If you work in the downtown area, now on your hour lunch break you can sip on a mimosa (or coffee) and come back refreshed for that 2pm meeting. A typical Drybar blowout takes 45 minutes.

Reasons I love Drybar:

  • The smell of the products are addictive (I will literally be on the T, and can tell who went to Drybar recently)
  • The interior design is so inspirational and welcoming
  • It's quick, fun, and multiple styles to choose from
  • There's always a fun movie playing, I watched New Years Eve while I was there
  • Did I mention the champagne? 

Ifeel like Carrie Bradshaw with my curly hair in this dress. As I should, it's SJP's "Title Dress" from her new clothing line, available at Bloomingdale's and Max + Riley, right on Newbury St. I paired the dress with a crop top turtleneck, because I love the dress, but I also love to be warm. I think Carrie Bradshaw would approve, but would flip if she saw me in Louboutins in the snow.... although she did step in dog poop in Paris with them on, I think snow may be a bit better. Yes I did freeze in this outfit, but they'll be able to find my body faster with the pops of red peaking through the blanket of white. Also, if you follow me on snapchat you saw that I could still get air in these, and stick the landing. 

Get the look, and my favorite Drybar items! (perfect stocking stuffers!