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Seahorses by the Seaside

Seahorses by the Seaside

I went to Nantasket Beach (the only 'nice' public beach south shore before the Cape) for this shoot. This was the beach my family brought me as a kid, and I always had a blast making new friends. Note: bring extra boogie boards, the friends will come. 

I know recently I mentioned I'm on BumbleBFF, and I'm loving it. I made 2 great friends so far, that are already stepping up to the plate for the hard times, which feels amazing. I don't know why I've always had a hard time making friends that were girls, but as an adult it's hard to make friends period. So I have 0 shame admitting I'm on an app helping me out. I also love this power of the swipe.... this might be addictive.

Anyways, that's a small tid bit on my life. Now back to the outfit, I'm obsessed with these jeans, they're suppose to be cropped, but I unfolded them, and they're the perfect length. I'm 5'3" so a "cropped pant" is my normal length. 

Get the look here:

Top: old // similar here // here // here
Cardigan: Loft // similar here // here ON SALE!
Jeans: Kensie ON SALE! // similar here // here on sale! // here
Shoes: Nordstrom // similar here // here
*Bag: Kate Spade
*Jewelry: Kate Spade

*Thank you Kate Spade for having me as a Muse!

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Black & White Summer

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