Get in line

When you have a black heart on Valentine's Day, you need an outfit to match. P.s. SPECIAL CODE AT THE BOTTOM (hell ya I make you read for it)

Oh man, January has been such a whirlwind. New year....... same me. I've gone to the gym maybe twice, and I *tried* sober January, for perhaps a week. It was a lovely period. Don't mind me as I wear all black, and mourn the death of my liver. Usually January is a dull and bleak month with no activities, so sober January is normally quite doable. Not the case this year, but 2017 is already very exciting. Did I tell you I met Chris Carrabba of Dashbaord Confessionals?! He shook my hand and gave me tickets to his show..... lots of celebrating ensued that day. (If you followed me on snapchat, you would of seen the whole thing gone down!) 

Anyways, what's a moody emo girl to wear on Valentine's Day? This. Johnny Cash it, and kick down the door in some hot pink heels. Remember the stockings I wore from my favorite Boston brand last seen here? Oh those photos are still hanging in your locker? Why thank you. I'm now wearing one of Vienne Milano's classic stockings the Alba, featuring that sexy black seam. Talk about Rockabilly. I love thigh highs, and avoiding the bulge at your waistline for a more "seamless" look. I'm not going to lie, they take some time getting use to, I felt like I wasn't wearing underwear (spoiler alert, I was), because I'm so use to the extra fabric being there. I wore these all day at work, and they didn't once fall down. Maybe I adjusted them a bit, but for 90% of the day, they stayed up perfectly. 

Get your very own sexy stockings just in time for Valentine's Day here, and use MY CODE: "WISH" for 10% off!!! Already these stockings are wicked affordable at around $20, now indulge! I love coupons.

Dress: Kate Spade ON SALE // Stockings: Boston's Vienne Milano // Heels: Sam Edelman // Crop Leather Jacket: Nordstrom