Comfy Chic

I saw a girl at work wearing a very similar outfit, and in my head was this conversation (yes I talk to myself....):
"Oh I like her outfit"
"Wait... I have this outfit!"

I'm constantly being inspired by my peers, pop culture, everything and anything, but I love when I see an outfit that I already own. It makes things quite easier. I love the half tuck, normally when I try them, I'm fidgeting for most of the day and re-adjusting, but in high waist jeans and an oversized sweater, it was perfect. The whole look made me feel taller. I'm 5'3" (and curvy), so I'll take anything that elongates me. Honestly, the half tuck intimidates me, but I think because the sweater had an oversized style, and the jeans were tight at the waist, it didn't make me look like a frumpy blob. 

Sweater: Asos // Jeans: Madewell // Boots: Clarks // Sunglasses: Steve Madden