It's All an Act

I'm warm, is the biggest act I do in these posts. I was outside for probably a total of 15 minutes, and I was in so much pain from the cold. It was about 10º and I was miserable. I shoot locally in Quincy a lot, and lately all my "regular" places have been ripped down. RIP white wall and the old movie theater in Wollaston that would have been perfect for this shoot :l

In other news, I just saw La La Land and fell in love with it. It was beautiful and so much fun; had some sad "notes" though.... couldn't resist the pun. I love going to the theater, and now I'm going to bring this clutch to every single movie I go to, even if it's Deadpool 2, because I'm classy like that.

Tip for wearing white jeans during the winter: pair with black. You're welcome. 

Photos by T

Get the look (p.s. the clutch and sweater vest are on sale!):