Riverdale Darlin'

My mother was big into Archie Comics, so naturally, she got me into them. I remember going to the grocery store and as a "thank you" or "prize" at the register, she would get me the Archie Comics Double Digest or one of the Betty and Veronica issues. I was obsessed with Betty Cooper. Blonde, bubbly, not rich like Veronica, and boy crazy: I identified. Betty would do some crazy things to get Archie's attention, but Archie never viewed her as "that crazy girl," he always found her sweet, which in-turn, made Archie endearing. 

The new CW show Riverdale has just come out, and of course I'm watching. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, because the whole premise of the Archie Universe was it's naive charm and wholesome plots, and this show definitely starts off dark with drama. Nonetheless, I'm going to keep watching, and root for my girl Betty. 

Let me know if you're watching, and which girl you're rooting for. Clearly, I'm Betty all the way... just look at this outfit:

Photos by T

Top: Ji Oh // Sweater: J.McLaughlin // Denim: J.McLaughlin // Shoes: Sam Edelman (clearly obsessed with these shoes)