Nautical Stripes

To be honest, I loved this dress in the fitting room, but now seeing it in photos..... not so much. Not digging how boxy it is, and the fabric is really thick, so it doesn't fold and contour to my body as smoothly as I thought. No matter, I originally got this dress for a vacation, but now I don't think I'm taking that vacation.... even though I desperately need one. Sometimes it's really good to take photos of yourself in an outfit, because then you become your best judge. However, I love pairing off the shoulder items now with a bandana around the neck. My new favorite thing!

My hair is so long though! I'm getting a cut next Tuesday, I'm so excited and nervous! Can you guess what I'm getting done? Getting a haircut is sometimes the most therapeutic thing, this Spring, my theme is "out with the old, and in with the new." I've already gone through my closet and donated over 4 bags of clothes, I'm cutting the dead off my hair, and I'm also cutting other things from my life that no longer make me happy or are needed. Bye, bye dead ends.... literally and figuratively!

p.s. my bag is from Kate Spade, and is no longer available, but I included some great nautical novelty bags below!

Dress: J.crew // Hat: Nordstrom also LOVE this one too at Nordstrom // Bandana: J.Crew