Not sure how I feel about the whole ruffle trend. There's no doubt in my mind, that this is a trend, like bell-bottom jeans in the 90s. But I liked bell-bottom jeans... I still do! I do love how ruffles make everything else look smaller underneath by comparison, I feel tiny. With this top however, initially I thought I looked ultra thin, now seeing photos, I think this top would look better being more fitted instead of its box cut. Funny how pictures show yourself in a different light. When most women think they look awful in the mirror, I think I look amazing, and then I see photos.... (we're our own worst critics)

Anyways, I've been on this retro kick lately, and I'm styling bandanas with all my outfits. I thought this was a fun messy look: flirty ruffles, a messy bun, all tied together with some Louboutins and a red bandana to match, it's a nice day to evening look. Also, I'm OBSESSED with these oversized Quay (Pronounced KEE apparently - felt kinda stupid at the register) Sunglasses. Get the look below!

Get the look below! The top and shorts are both J.crew and everything else I got at Nordstrom. Also, check out some of the other ruffled styles I found for you guys!