Give the Jew Girl Toys

I know the world has changed, and now everyone gets included more during the holidays (Thank you Buzzfeed), but as a Jewish Girl, there's still that little bit of sadness around Christmas. You get so excited for Channukah, start shopping for gifts (before the season deals, because it always comes before Christmas - so that sucks), and you just get a little sad. I can't explain it. You're on Pinterest and people have the cute centerpieces for Christmas, You see a gorgeous house with beautiful lights (Hello, we're the ones with the festival of lights!), you can't escape. For me today, it was an article about "30 stocking stuffers under $30." Tonight is Channukah, what about "8 gifts that are larger than your 8 candles" - that would be nice (I'm sorry I didn't create something like that sooner!). So I thought I'd share this Etsy page with you that I think is awesome and mainly because I want the Menelephant



So Happy Channukah everyone! I know that you feel like Channukah Armadillo sometimes, but we're just as fun!

Oh and here's the reasoning behind my title - just a little something to cheer up my fellow Jewish Gals.