2015 New Year's Resolutions

For 2014 (if you followed me from tumblr) I made a few resolutions, and I'm pretty sure I hit the mark on most of them. So here's my 2015 resolutions!!! 

1. Be healthy and happy!
Make the gym a more regular thing and drink MORE WATER! I rarely drink water, I hate the taste (there is a taste!) so that just means more Mio or Sparkling lemon water.

2. Accessorize more!
I'm very simple in my fashion, and I envy girls that can layer on the jewelry and not look like my great aunt. 

3. Bake/cook more 
so one of the reasons I haven't posted in a while, I had 2 friends stay over back to back, which was such an amazing time, and I love entertaining, so I was cooking up a storm for them. I realized that I should be trying to impress my kitchen more often - with or without friends. 

4. Update my Living room & bedroom
I'm in an apartment rut. When my husband T and I moved in our apartment we did the basic decorating, and we haven't really done anything in 4+ years. Each year we say we might move, so I don't buy any new furniture because I'm waiting for the "big move" that has never happened. So this year I'll find a way to update that can easily transition to a new place, for if/when that happens. 

5. Do more Design
This year I put off a lot of personal graphic design & illustrations to get my blog going. Now that I have this wonderful blog and you great readers, I'm going to try to illustrate and do something personal for myself hopefully once a month. Get the creative juices flowing. 

Not too bad of a start right? Let's see in June how I'm doing.