The Interview Handlettering

I'm always finding inspiration, and most recently I found it in the new movie, The Interview. I did it for 'Merica, and I think Seth Rogen can do no wrong (and Adam Sandler...if you didn't read some of my previous entries, yes I'm Jewish). I digress - I bought The Interview, yes I bought it, and LOVED it. Of course it was a crazy flick with 10 million punchlines that were very memorable. I realized I haven't done any hand lettering in a while, so I thought I'd use one of the lines from the movie. Also, I'm succeeding with one of my resolutions: designing something at least once a month for fun. So here's my take on the line: "They hate us because they aint us" - or maybe it was "they hate us because they anus" - but I did "aint" because I felt it would have been slightly more appropriate for a portfolio piece...slightly.

I'm on my way to accomplishing one of my resolutions, doing something creative for fun, at least once a month. P.s. I did this in 24 hours - from sketch to illustrator, just to see how it would turn out.

The art of hand lettering is something I think I personally suck at, but LOVE, and want to master. I drew this on a scrap piece of paper, and brought it into Illustrator and traced my own work. I'd still like to work on it, and perfect it, but I thought I'd share what I did today. Below is my rough draft scrap paper. The tried to match the background with maybe something the character Dave Skylark would wear - he wore a lot of purple.