Simply Stylist Event NYC

Normally I show pictures first, but because it's not an #OOTD I wanted to share my experience in NY first! I "think" I made it to the minor leagues of blogging. I may not have the social following, but I have the readers - p.s. follow me on my social mediums! (just click on the social media icons to the right »)

Last week I got invited to a Simply Stylist event in NYC with a dozen of other bloggers and had a blast. At first I wasn't going to go and stay in bed, but then so many little "signs" kept popping up and I took the chance, got on a bus and stayed with one of my friends. I even got dropped off on Fashion Ave (which I didn't know would happen), which is one of those small signs, ok it was a physical street sign, but I feel it's little things like that, that are telling me I'm on some sort of right track.

At the event I got to meet inspiring, beautiful, and talented women, Like The Bloggerella and Fashberries. One of the hard things about meeting all these successful women is trying not to compare your success (or lack there of) to others. Some women already had the support and connections, while others, like myself, are learning as we go. Here are some of the things I learned that I'd love to share with you, especially if you're looking to get into this:

  1. Keep doing what you love - and do it often (aka post weekly)
  2. Find your voice and own it! 
  3. Be nice. If you found success, share your experience, don't horde it - it's also just not cool.
  4. Write to the brands you love, and that you actually wear, and show them you're not
  5. If you have fans, talk with them, and thank them for reading your rants
  6. Take chances
  7. Find your support. Friends make amazing cheerleaders, but they'll also keep it real with you. One of my friends when I first started this blog pointed out I sounded "fake," and she was right, I was actually aiming for that "my life is perfect, and so is my wardrobe... envy me" vibe, because I thought that's what people wanted. She also pointed out that in the real world I can be funny, so since, I've tried to incorporate that, and I feel it's helped (at least according to my stats)
  8. Don't let people walk all over you, like cut you in line that you've waited forever in, because then that person might be the last one to get something you've wanted and waited for. (Ok I'm a little bitter, I waited in line for something at the event for a wicked long time, and the girl I let cut me earlier was the LAST ONE to get the "thing" we were all waiting for. Just a little bit bitter.)
  9. Keep at it
  10. And from personal experience, a lot of the women I met were already working in the fashion industry and had photographers (some were even with them at the event, I just had my iphone) - You DON'T need all of that to make it. Yes it helps, yes you're going to get frustrated along the way, but you can do it!

I also got to try out some new products, and one of them was Dove Dry Spray, which I immediately fell in love with. I was already a Dove consumer, but I get tired of deodorants quickly. Like my arm pit recognizes what I'm putting on it, and then goes: Can't fool me this time! I got the one photographed below (I chose it), but I wish I got a different scented one. Like I said, my armpit likes to reject things quickly. It does work amazingly though, I just like the other scents better here. I decided to play it safe and get the one for sensitive skin (aka picky armpits), and the one thing I learned from this trip, is to not play it safe so much, you might never get a great reward, or the best scent.

Nonetheless, the event was fun and educational, and I can't wait to go back to NYC. Thankfully one of my best friends, Kim (who did a blog post with me in the way beginning), lives in the city, and she let me stay with her for the weekend. So enjoy us romping around the town and parts of SOHO. Check back later to learn about some of my favorite spots!