Foxy Faux

Sometimes you need to add a little sparkle to your step, and a little fantasy to your fashion.

To continue my inspiration from Scream Queens, here is another look I feel that could be pulled straight from the show. What I love about Scream Queens is the wardrobing is over the top, but completely doable. The outfits perfectly match the characters: over-the-top, luxe, uniformed, and fantastic. First choose your color palate, in my case navy, and overly match head to toe, then pick fabulous pieces to create a "fantastic" outfit. I say fantastic because well... I'm biased... but also, when you look at magazines you can't help but think: "How can I pull something off like that...." Throwing a little over-the-top fanciful pieces in your look, takes your outfit from fantasy to the fantastic. 

Get the look:

Coat with removable faux fur; Primark // similar here // here // here
Dress: Macy's // similar here // here on SALE! // and this fabulous Kate Spade dress
Shoes: Kate Spade