Kate Spade Picnic

I have been so busy lately, no time to even blog! All I want to do is take a nap (for at least 24 hours), so it was so relaxing to go to a fun summer picnic with friends. I cannot take credit for this, this was all my friend McKenzie, another Kate Spade muse, and it was fun and delicious: EXACTLY what we all needed. 

Summer picnics are a great way to get friends together. McKenzie set this table up with a blanket from CVS, finger foods on stands, cute bottles with simple decorations, and some coffee table books, topped off with a beautiful floral arrangement (a must). The key to setting a great table is different sets of heights. Having your eats on different level cake stands, give the look that your table has more space, and everyone can clearly see what is available. 

Most of the looks are an assortment at Kate Spade - all shoes are Keds by Kate Spade. which you can get herehere, and here

Kate Spade table top book "Places to go, people to see" available here
Kate Spade plates perfect for a picnic, available here
Kate Spade bottle openers available here
Kate Spade straws, to make any drink cute! available here