Fall Colors // Hot Pants

Walking around the Boston Public Garden, and Boston in general, is one of my favorite fall activities. The tourists are gone, the leaves are changing, my outfit is actually comfortable (not too hot, not too cold). People also seem friendlier in the fall. I LOVE petting peoples' dogs, it's a legit problem. If you follow me on snapchat, it's 90% strangers' dogs. In the fall, people don't mind me attempting to kidnap their pooch, it's just a New England thing I guess.

There's nothing like walking down Comm Ave with all the leaves crunching under your feet and the smell of fall in the air. This street is filled with historical brownstones, it's like taking a walk through time, and escaping the city and busy shops that's one block over. 

This black and red outfit is perfect for fall all the way into winter. I can't wait to go for a winter getaway in this outfit, and sit in a wooden lodge.... yes it has to be wooden. 

Thank you J.McLaughlin for partnering with me on this post! Shop the look below :) Or visit one of their Boston locations at 24 Charles street or at The Street in Chestnut Hill!