Pajama Party!

You know those friends I met on Bumble I always talk about? Well these are them! I love these ladies so much, and I'm assuming they love me... they allowed me to take 10 million photos of our slumber party. We're clearly morphing into one person though, we all bought the same pajamas, what a coincidence! Just kidding.... we planned this... but aren't we cute AF!?

I just want to let you know... whoever you are.... my squad is way cooler... sorry. #SquadGoalsSuccess. But seriously, you and your friends need to try a slumber party with matching PJs, there's something so magical about it. 

P.s. I made my fav spiked cider: Apple Cider, Cabin Fever Whiskey, and triple sec in a crock pot.

Thank you Old Navy for having the best supply of Pajamas!