"What a Minx"

Talk about exposing yourself. This has been a crazy year for me: weight loss, promotions, self-doubt, heartache, new friends, losing old friends, so I decided to freeze a moment in time, when honestly, I was feeling most vulnerable. Capturing this moment right before turning 27 (which I have been freaking out about) feeling beautiful and unstoppable, during such a crazy time. My best friend's sister said I was a "minx," and I loved it - so I saved it for the title. 

Not only has this been a crazy summer, I've had a crazy past 10 years. My body has been through the ringer: a car accident, several diving accidents, a brain surgery (oh yah... I'm a walking mess), overcoming it all to celebrate my body now, is a huge reason why I wanted to do this shoot. Another reason, is a childhood dream. Since I was a little girl I've always dreamt about being in Playboy; being sexy, desired, and confident enough to bare all. Playmates have always been extraordinary women and never just pretty faces, they had interesting backgrounds, a sense of humor, passions, and brains. For me, these were the women I admired. So I threw my hat into the ring.... (no response btw, but I'll keep you posted). 

I feel most fashion bloggers are viewed as these pristine innocent women, but I want to let you all know that you can be classy and sexy. At the shoot, I was a bit nervous but Kevin Day, my photographer, was amazing! He and his assistant made me feel so comfortable in their studio in the South End of Boston, played all my favorite tunes (Blink, Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance... in case you were wondering), and by the end of the day I was just walking around freely, may have even made Kevin blush a little. 

I didn't retouch any of these, so enjoy the bad tan lines and flaws in my skin  - can't wait to show my grandkids these some day and make everyone feel uncomfortable HAHA! If you have questions, I'm open to all, ask away in the comments :)

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