Alice in the Financial District

It could be the headband, but I feel like Alice in Wonderland... only with power heels and a business-like look. You know me, masculine preppy on top, and then fun and flirty on the bottom, not sure what that says about me, but I'm owning this in 2017. So whether you're in wonderland, or sitting daintily on your yoga ball in your cube (just me?), feel whimsical and preppy in a layered look like this.

Speaking of 2017 here are my resolutions! Let's see if I keep to them this year:

1. Read more! I did not read a single book in 2016, my mind is turning to mush.
2. Take my blog up a level. I think you guys would like to see this too ;)
3. Stay in shape. 2016 was my year of getting in shape, then towards the end of the year, when the holidays came around, I gave up. I want to keep going to the gym, keep eating healthy, and stay in shape. I hate yo-yoing which has been my life story.
4. Volunteer more. I started towards the middle of 2016, and loved it! I want to do more. Check out and find a chapter near you to get more involved in your community with other millennials!  
5. Just be happy and stop obsessing over the bad. I obsess over everything, but especially negative aspects. I hone in on them, replay them in my mind, how could I of made it better, worse, justify things - it's not healthy. People make mistakes, and it's ok if you mess up (or mess things up on purpose..), move on, forgive, and forget.

What are your resolutions?

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