I love going "sweet" for Valentine's Day, and having subtle sexy tones. I'm obsessed with this trend of the cut-out shoulders. Who knew giving the "cold shoulder" had sex appeal? (my shoulders were really cold).

 This outfit is just slight previews of skin, and I LOVE it. From the shoulders peaking out, and then these hot pink shoes beg for your attention. Walking around in this outfit, men and women were checking me out. Either that, or they were curious why some girl was walking around in the snow without a coat. Probably the latter, but lets go with the outfit. It literally started to snow as we were shooting.

My friend Kim, from my last post, brought me to this cute little French restaurant on the Upper East side of NYC, and like the mature adult I am I kept singing "Get out, Leave, Right now," by MA's own JoJo. Anyone else? Someone had to of started singing it in their head.

Sweater: French Connection // Skirt: Ted Baker // Heels: Sam Edelman