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If Oprah can have a list of favorites, why can't I? Oh because I'm not a millionaire? Thanks random interweb troll. Anyways, seeing how most of you are hiding your phones under the dining table, avoiding conversations with your overly conservative family, might as well do some internet shopping, amiright? Well, here is a list of things I actually own and a list of things I don't own but want (and all of it not sponsored). I think it's important during holiday shopping to really emphasize the fact that these items are things I actually love and want to share. If you're buying gifts for loved ones, you actually want to trust the recommendation right? I know during this time especially, everywhere I turn there's a "#sponsor." Well, not today my friends!

In case you were wondering, when you see a blogger with "paid partnership," "sponsored," or "ad" labeled, that means the company gave them and/or paid them to write a blog and/or instagram post. And in no way am I saying that us bloggers don't actually love what we receive and we're all beautiful sell-outs, but it is something to keep in mind as a reader. I personally try not to accept anything I don't "believe" in or I genuinely don't like. 

Things I own and LOVE (5 items):

1. My bluetooth wireless headphones.  
I'm completely deaf in my left ear from a tumor I had a few years ago, and these are a game changer. Before, I always had one headphone dangling on me while I was at the gym or walking, but now I just leave the left ear bud in its charging case. They actually stay in my ears and fit comfortably.
I use them daily.

2. A Ruby Leggings. I'm literally wearing these today for Thanksgiving. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my stories on the opening of this shop. The leggings feel like the belly of my cat: soft and mystical. They are so freakin soft, I can't get over it, and uber stretchy. I binge eat, to the point where I feel physically nauseous, and then eat some more (I know it's a problem - I'm like a dog), sooooooo these pants give me the room I need. They also have cool ribbing detail at the knees giving it a fun moto-pant look. Perfect for yoga, grocery shopping, or wearing with an oversized sweater and boots. These things are my favorite: made in the U.S. (Boston and LA), so in general an amazing company to get behind. Also, spoiler alert, I'm going to be wearing these in my next blog post.

3. Dyson Hair dryer. I have absurdly thick hair and I spend a lot of time and money on it. I only go to stylists I know and trust, I only use certain products, and I'm very particular about when and how I wash my hair. My hair use to take around 4 hours to wash, dry, and style. If I cancelled on a date and said, "sorry, need to wash my hair," it wasn't some bad 1950's cop-out, I was speaking the truth. It still takes me forever, but it doesn't take me 1-2 hours to dry my hair anymore with this dryer. It takes me 15 minutes now to dry and straighten (still really puffy), and about 30 minutes to style/ smooth out. However, I still need to use my Instyler afterwards. Also, it's just badass looking.

4. Amazon Clay Mask. HOLY CRAP. I love this mask. I know what I'm about to admit is going to make every beauty expert cringe: I believe cleansers/masks/etc. don't work unless I feel it and my skin looks burnt off after. This mask, when it's completely dry pulsates your face, like it's pulling your skin tighter, and when I wash it off, my face is bright red for several minutes - you can see the line where I put the mask on and where I didn't. What I love about this mask, it brings everything to the surface. What I hate about this mask, it brings everything to the surface. Right now it looks like my skin is getting worse, because every pimple that could be, did be (and I'm a picker). Sorry beauty insiders, please don't hate me (as they begin grinding their teeth from reading this).

5. Fur ear muffs from J.McLaughlin. I have a part-time job at this company and I love it: classic styles, great clientele, and overall a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I've always had a part-time job in retail since college. I'm a shopaholic, so it eases the financial stress, plus once I started this blog, it helped keeping my ear and eyes on the fashion world, staying up to date. Plus, did I mention job perks? Well, I've always had mixed feelings about real fur and fashion. These are real rabbit fur. I had fake ones, but they didn't keep my ears as warm. So I had to ask myself fashion or function? Why not both. I have to admit I love these, and I feel like Jon Snow in them. Sorry, but I live in the north, and winter is here. I want to let you all know, that I have a guilty pleasure in my closet.... and it's these. I'd love to hear your opinions on fur with fashion in the comments. For the record, I would never seek out fur items, but because I work here, I fell in love with these. Love to hear your thoughts on the matter (but please be respectful). 

Things I don't own but want (5 items):

1. J.crew Dover Blazer. I love masculine cuts on women. Basically, I just want the 80's to come back. Bring on the shoulder pads! Also, 40% off right now at J.crew!!!!


2. Marant Weekender Bag. To make up for my guilty fur earmuffs, this vegan leather bag is perfect for weekend getaways. Things I love about spending the weekend with my boyfriend: I get to spend the weekend with him. Things I hate about spending the weekend with him: I have to pack. I am NOT a good packer. I pack 5 outfits for one weekend, because I never know my mood, the official plans, or weather. This bag is such a great size. 

3. Samsung Curved TV. Whatever, this is my wishlist, and if I want to put a $2K TV on here, I will. So pretttttyyyyy. (I watch too much televsion). Every year I throw a Hocus Pocus viewing party for Halloween, and as my guest list grows, this would make viewing so much easier. Ok things you've learned about me in this post: I binge eat and I binge watch television. 


4. Ted Baker Velvet dress. I was debating between getting this dress, and the last one from my post, but this dress still enters my dreams. Velvet is the fabric this season and I'm onboard! Also...TED BAKER IS HAVING A HUGE SALE! 50% OFF PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING! YES 50%!!!!


5. Come Together Beatles Jacket. I love how ridiculous Alice+Olivia is, and this is ridiculously amazing. I've always been a Beatles fan, thanks dad, but now this song in particular has been subliminally pumped in my ear from The Justice League trailer. Bring on the sparkles! 

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