Mad with Plaid

Who knew plaid on plaid looked so good? When you have a larger plaid print on the bottom, and you keep the colors simple with black and white, it acts as a perfect base for a brighter plaid on top. Whatever is making this work, I'm rockin' it — gotta keep that conviction.

I recently did an event with One Brick Boston helping judge high schoolers debate. (If you follow me on snap, you got to see some of the action!) I learned so much from them, and it was so inspiring hearing teens care so much about their education and foreign policy, the topic of debate. One of the things that these students needed to uphold for a firm case, was conviction. They didn't know which side they'd debate for, until the time of the competition, so believing in what they were saying was a strong asset to uphold. I like to think I hold a strong conviction with every outfit I style, no matter how modish it is. 

To get involved more with volunteering in your city and making a difference, check out One Brick, and find a chapter near you.