Stolked on Stockings

Happy Cyber Monday! Hope everyone survived Commercialism Friday and Feel Bad for Mom and Pop Saturday. Now it's time to celebrate the internet for it's second greatest achievement: shopping. The first obviously being porn. 

These Italian made stockings are from Vienne Milano, based in Boston. All their stockings are actually made in Northern Italy, and make the perfect addition to any holiday attire. It's cold out there ladies, one second you have nice smooth legs, the next you step outside and you turn into the abdominal snowman; so, yes stockings are key! I love these sparkly ones, perfect addition to a little black dress orrrrrr just lounging around at home. What I love as well, is these stockings actually stay up, perfect amount of grip, and may I say quite sexy. I think T had a hard time staying focused, what a great photographer! (p.s. that's my cat, Pixel). 

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