Jump ship // Jumpsuit

I'm back! I actually had a post I could of done last week, and totally forgot about. Not going to lie, I've just been super lazy. I fully believe in mental vacations, and I needed one.

There's something old Hollywood glamour with this look, which is perfectly fitting, because I'm writing this while watching the Oscars. The Director of La La Land, Damien Chazelle, is my inspiration, 32 and won best director.... I have to get my shit together.

This jumpsuit reminds me of my wedding gown a bit too, and at Anthropologie the girls were saying how this would be a perfect look for a casual wedding. I plan on bringing this look on every tropical vacation I go on this year. I'm just more excited to take on a physical vacation, now that I'm back from my mental one.

Photos by T

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie // Blazer: Loft // Chambray top: Madewell //
shoes: Banana Republic (ON SALE) // Bandana: J.crew