Detailed Tunic

I actually shot this maybe 2-3 weeks ago, and totally forgot about it! Not saying this wasn't a memorable outfit, just completely slipped my mind. Maybe I wasn't mentally ready for warmer weather, so I forgot about this cute resort look. How are we liking the strawberry blonde hair? I'm thinking about bangs. (I have hair ADD)

I have really wide hips, so I love tunics. It gives me that boho chic look, without looking like a potato sack. When you're petite and your hips are wider than your shoulders (trust me I don't include the bad angles) tunics with the slits elongate you and give you a comfortable look. This style from J.Mclaughlin is suppose to fit I think very boxy and loose I think, but because I'm curvy it has a more fitted look.

Does anyone else buy outfits to go on vacation with, even though they don't have a vacation planned? I think I did this with this outfit....