#Secondhandfirst is going to be my new motto! Sorry ThredUP, I'm stealing it. I just partnered with the company, and loving the experience! For my first time using the site, I stuck with safe options: 2 black dresses, and a black top. Out of the three items, 2 still had tags, and the other item was in great condition. 

Besides buying second hand, you can also sell through ThredUP. I just sent in a few years of designer stuff: items I'm sick of and items that don't fit anymore. ThredUP makes it really easy to sell your clothes: sign up, receive a huge bag (with a tracking code included) to your home, fill the bag, send the bag out, and let ThredUP do the rest. I just got the email that my bag was received, and I can't wait for when things start to get listed. I had a few years worth of stuff that I was too lazy to bring to a cosigment shop. The one thing I also really like about ThredUP, anything they can't sell, they donate, which was my plan anyways. 

Speaking of "second hand items," there's the cutest book sharing service at The Street in Chestnut Hill, I love it. I'm Currently reading this book called "Tampa" about an alluring young teacher sexually interested in 14 year-old-boys. It's very interesting, well written, but after each page, I'm left feeling very uncomfortable.