Beach Babe

My third outfit from Tobi! (also on SALE!)


If you went to Coachella, wanted to go, or just feeling the vibes, this dress is perfect. I wore it as a beach cover up, because I'm definitely not confident enough to wear this very short flared dress out in the real world (and I didn't go to Coachella) lol! But, if you love rocking a mini, I can see this with some tan suede boots and stacked gold jewelry. 

Of course the Boston girl is wearing all black on the beach! Haha! What can I say? From the party to the sand, I like to make a statement. I feel like Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice on the beach. 

I'm back from Miami - back to the real world. Does anyone else ever need a vacation from their vacation? I didn't get badly sunburnt (First! Thanks to this hat!) and it was the first time I actually relaxed in a long time. I completely forgot about all my stress, but the second I landed in Boston, it all came flooding back. All my doubts and fears about the blog, work, my major break up, dating, moving (which I'll be doing twice in less than two months!) hit like a tornado on touch down. I don't know how I don't have gray hair yet, then again, I dye it constantly.... so I'll never know! Hahaha! Right now I've been having friends help with the blog, which has been such a good feeling. Knowing my friends don't want to stop reading my fashion confessionals makes me feel like I'm contributing more than just cat videos to the internet. I wasn't kidding when I said I have a great group of friends, and we all just want to see one another succeed. Boston may be bitter cold, but we have some warm-hearted people. Hopefully after my second move in September I can pickup the blog again full force and flood your notifications.

Get the Tobi dress here!