Whale Hello There

If J.crew has an item that helps saves animals, I'm first in line. This year it's all about whales! Whales are disappearing, and to show their support, 50 percent of the proceeds of J.Crew's Garments for Good (also hand sketched by Somsack) will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society to help protect these and other threatened species. Learn more about whales.

Fun story, last year I got the "Save More Elephants" sweater and wore it on a date..... and my date proceeded to tell me how he would love to hunt elephants. And that friends, is how you don't get a second date.

P.s. can you guys see my nose ring?! I debuted it on Snapchat (@thoughtfulwish) but this is my first post letting it show! I got my septum done because it was something fun and different, and I had wanted for several years. I put if off for a long time because I was with someone that wasn't attracted to it. (#LoseARingGainARing) I don't think a septum piercing was a make or break deal for him; however, it always really bothered me that because he wasn't into it, I withheld from doing it. Whether he liked it or not, or would have grown to like it, it was something I really wanted, and I let someone else deter me.  I think that's a problem with women in particular, the pressure of keeping a certain appearance to accommodate the opposite sex (I know old news). Growing up and telling my mother my desires of tattoos and piercings she was against the notion, but one of her MANY excuses of why was: "what if you date someone and they don't like it?" Well mom, I hope my date knows what I look like before taking me out... and I also hope they dig my personality more. 

P.s. Everything I'm wearing is under $100!

Suglasses: Nordstrom // Top: J.Crew // Jacket: Old Navy // Skirt: Ann Taylor (old but similar here and here as shorts)