Back Bay Betty

Cheerio, reporting from London! Actually I took these on Newbury Street, but I'm actually in London, hence the delay on everything! I decided on a last minute trip with friends because, why the fuck not? When else would I get this opportunity to just drop everything (what little I have) and just go? I was feeling really down about life to be honest, and my two close friends decided to pick me up.... literally, and drag me across the Atlantic. Obviously, they had to twist my arm. So, expect many London posts! (also, I'm already a hot mess here, got sick before my flight, lost my sunglasses, forgot toothpaste and a converter, and can't my timing is all screwy) 

Besides London, I love the Back Bay area of Boston - which has a strong European flavor anyways. Architecture, small boutiques, cute restaurants, although Boston > London for seafood. In fact, one of the places I'm hanging out here in this post is Saltie Girl. It's my new favorite bar, mermaid theme, and perfect for oysters. P.s. I'm not a fan of oysters but I LOVE this bar, so if that gives you any clue how good it is, now you know. P.s.s. If you follow me on snapchat, that's Bear, the one of many dogs I get to meet while shooting my blog (I'm a dog whore... I know, and I accept this).

Get my look below.