Covet in Covent Garden

Holy crap guys, I'm in London! I'm wearing Ted Baker in London! I'M IN LONDON! .... okay... that's out of my system. Wait one more: I'm in the home of Rupert Giles and William the Bloody! Ok now I'm done!

This is Covent Garden, a really cute open shopping district (pretty much London in a nutshell). It honestly reminded me a lot of Faneuil Hall in Boston, but Boston doesn't have a Laduree. Get on that Boston! Laduree is home of the French Macaron, the hardest cookie to bake.... I should know. (Fun fact: I had a very short-lived blog about Macarons) Hope you've been following my adventures on Snapchat! But in case you haven't, here's the things I've done so far (that are not the obvious tourist spots): Alice's Adventures Underground interactive Theater, Mad Hatter's themed afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel, viewed a bookshop that specializes in collections of Alice in Wonderland vintage prints located here, and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea at One Aldwych hotel. If you can't tell, my friends and I love children's books.

Ah yes, fashion...I've always been obsessed with Ted Baker, but wearing it in London, now that's special. I actually wore this outfit traveling on the plane. I believe one should still travel in style, and this little jacket is perfect (thick material too). The scallop details, trim, and metal zipper are beautiful qualities to this piece, the perfect wardrobe addition!