Scalloped and Patterned

In London, it's imperative you look both ways. In life.... same advice. I haven't posted in a while because I'm going through so many changes right now. My computer is on the fritz and I'm moving (twice in 2 months!). Time to be honest: I'm moving out of the apartment that T and I use to live in together. The man that I use to be married to. The man that also did all my photography for this blog (now you know why I'm so thankful for friends in my last few posts). This breakup wasn't an easy one, but I've learned so much from it: so much about myself and the power of forgiveness.

The breakup itself isn't what hurt, it's everything that came after, how we're treating one another after this mutual decision. I put off writing this post for a while, and I hope you all can understand why. It's also why I randomly fled to another country with friends lol (I decided to go to London in just 3 weeks time). I needed an escape, but also just time to sit and reflect. I'm in a better place mentally, which is why I'm choosing to write to all of you. Also, I find writing therapeutic. I'm packing away boxes right now that include memories. I'm selling items of clothing that I wore on dates, that would feel wrong to wear again.  I went through some really angry and depressed days, but at the end of the day you have to ask why? Not why for the breakup, but why you're angry and hurt, and know that these feelings are ok to have. I'm thankful for all the good memories I have, and I wouldn't trade them for the wold, which is why I've forgiven T, and in return I think he forgave me. I wasn't always the best partner, and neither was he, but I can't ignore the past (or present events) and I have to remember there was a reason for friendship to begin with, and that's where the power of forgiveness happens. Once I was able to let go and realize he's not the person who I want to be with, it was so much easier to forgive and move on. I'm currently dating and happy. I can focus on my work easier now and building stronger relationships.

Besides fleeing the country and purging stuff I don't need anymore, retail therapy has been helpful! I hope you all followed my Instagram story last night, the Prudential Center in Boston has brand new shops and I got to eat at Terra, Eataly's new restaurant, plus hang with other Boston bloggers (shout out to my girl Style Wire!) who I adore and understand the power of shopping.

These shorts were a perfect addition to pack, I hate wrinkled clothes, and the material of these were wrinkle resistant and patterns hide everything! Also meet Tiggy, the dog I'm thinking about flying back to steal. Tiggy decided to hop in on the shoot and I didn't stop him! People in London love dogs, so naturally I belong there.

Get the look: