I'm Just a Girl, Standing In Front of a Blog

My last post from London :( Does this mean I'm officially back to reality? Quick fly me back. Notting Hill is one of my favorite spots. It's like if Allston and Beacon Hill had a weird rich hipster baby. All the artisan boutiques line up on Portobello Road, selling souvenirs, antiques, and unique hand made clothing. It's basically your real life Etsy shop. But what really drives people here are the brightly colored houses. It's like you stepped out of reality and into a fairy tale; where your little girl dream of living in a pink house is still a possibility.

Ugh, I hate reality. My reality (if you read my last post... continued...) I'm currently living with my parents, which is annoying on it's own, but I don't have a relationship with my mother at all and I'm living with her. My dad is my best friend, so obviously he's been warm and welcoming, which is the only reason why I'm still there and haven't gone into a serious state of depression yet. This is something I've always felt sad/ weird to discuss, but I want to share that not every mother daughter relationship is perfect, and if this rings true for you too, you're not alone. I see a lot of bloggers on here that have photos with their moms, or become mothers themselves, and their life seems picture perfect. Meanwhile, I'm a Jerry Springer moment away with my mother, but at least I'm wearing something cute during the chair throwing (there's always a bright side). My mother has some serious issues that she refuses to address, and also refuses to apologize / "lose an argument." With everything I'm going through, "losing" is perfectly ok. If you choose not to pick over every battle and try to understand where a person is coming from, you lose the argument, but you don't lose a relationship. People say and do hurtful things all the time, humans suck that way, but it doesn't mean they're bad, or that it was done with hateful intent. In the end you have to ask yourself: do I want this person, despite all the hurt, in my life? Sometimes the pain and hurt outweighs the good, and it's ok to let go of that person if it's not mentally healthy for you. I'm at a point in my life where I'm ok letting go of a relationship for a friendship, and letting go of a mother to be happier. 

Anyways...... did that get awkward? Well..... even though my mother and I don't go together, stripes and florals do! Ha! See what I did there? Just when I had you looking left, I go right! Anyways, yes, outfits, that's why you're here! More Ted Baker! It never ends, and I don't want it to! This skirt is everything, the subtle detail of the high-low hem is perfect, and the fabric is light weight, ideal for romping around London.... or anywhere else you like... NOW ON SALE! Quick note though, this skirt does wrinkle like crazy, so don't sit for too long in it on a hot day. 

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